Proxy Party

A New Breed of Political Party — The Proxy Party

The Proxy Party in a Nutshell

This is part 2 of my “Achieving True Democracy: A New Breed of Party as Realistic Next Step” articles. Here you can find part 1, the introduction for the article series. As long as we don’t fix the political system itself, the system will not represent us. Therefore, democracy itself needs an upgrade. Urgently! If we are serious about strengthening democracy within the next years and achieve true representation, we must rethink the political party as a vehicle for representing democratic interests. The new breed of political party shouldn’t impose its political will on its members but only assist them to form their individual political will and represent this as accurately as possible. It will not force a decision by majority vote but truly represent the breadth of decisions its members reached after consideration of the topic. Why do I call this new type of party “Proxy Party?” Those familiar with

Don’t give away your vote for 4 years

The Proxy Party in a Nutshell

Politics doesn’t represent the majority of the People. Even if an overwhelming majority is clearly in favor of a certain policy it doesn’t mean that this will translate to legislative action in parliament. An American study has shown that “when preferences of low- or middle-income Americans diverge from those of the affluent, there is virtually no relationship between policy outcomes and the desires of less advantaged groups.”[1] A German study revealed similar results. Some reasons for this disparity are: The political system is outdated and hands over power to politicians for 4 years on a very vague basis.  The power structure within the system is heavily biased towards influential groups with money. These groups have a decisive influence on politicians and legislation. The internal structures of political parties are mostly far from democratic. It is time to Upgrade Democracy! What can be done to gain a real say in politics