Achieving True Democracy: Ending Political Apathy

Ending Political Apathy

This is part 10 of my “Achieving True Democracy: A New Breed of Party as Realistic Next Step” articles. This is the last article of the series.

Here you can find part 1, the introduction for the article series, and part2, a short description of the idea of the Proxy Party, and part 3, a description of how a party program should look like, and part 4 about finding, prioritizing, and voting on topics, and part 5 about going beyond ‘simple’ direct democracy, and part 6 about efficiency and effectiveness, and part 7 about safeguarded information processes and decision processes, and part 8 about a 1:1 transfer to parliament, and part 9 with some questions and answers about my concept of the Proxy Party.

I hope I succeeded in outlining a cohesive and realistic way to create a new breed of a political party as a democratic parliamentarian champion: a party that is grassroots democratic yet effective and efficient. Following the advice of Buckminster Fuller, it creates a new and far better alternative to represent us in parliament and replace the old political parties.

Of cause, the sketch provided in this short book can be only a start. Rules and processes will have to be refined and tested and optimized. The new culture and principles will have to be cultivated and implemented on a broad scale.

Culture, principles, rules, and processes combined will ensure that the Proxy Party can’t warp into the stuff the normal political party is made from. It will stay true to democracy, transparency, and representation.  

I invite you to imagine a political party…

… that asks you for your input and actually listens to it.

… that will focus on the priorities of its members.

… that is concentrated to find underlying checked facts before discussing solutions.

… that is interested in letting us know the whole story about the problems instead of giving us its own one-sided view of things.

… that only supports the individual political decision-making process of its members instead of prescribing it.

… that leaves the important decision to its members (if they want)

… that is truly transparent and can prove it walks the talk.

… that is focused to represent the will of its member base as exactly as possible.

We can make this true. We can upgrade democracy.

We just have to put trust in ourselves and our fellow citizens (and design the system well) to be successful and change the world for the better, instead of watching the creeping dismantling of democracy.

“A great democracy has got to be progressive
or it will soon too cease to be great or a democracy.”

Theodore Roosevelt

This is an excerpt from my book “Achieving True Democracy: A New Breed of Party as Realistic Next Step” which can be bought at Amazon or Smashwords or directly from me via PayHip.